Made in Germany - Motorcycle Accessories


Welcome to Made In Germany, which was established in 2010, with the aim of providing Australian riders with the finest motorcycle gear from Europe’s best manufacturers.

Made in Germany is the exclusive Australian importer for Held, Germany’s leading and award-winning motorcycle gear. A family-owned company for the last 75 years, Held’s uncompromising  dedication to provide the best, safest, and most comfortable motorcycle gear is second to none.

In 2018, Made In Germany also began importing Daytona, the legendary hand-made German riding boots which are a byword for quality and longevity.

In 2020, Made In Germany has signed a contract to begin importing IXS – the leading Swiss motorcycle gear manufacturer, which offers affordable, cutting-edge motorcycle clothing not previously available to the Australian rider.

Made In Germany is proud to be associated with these world-leading brands, and pleased to be able to offer Aussie motorcyclists some of the very finest bike gear on Earth.


Our Brands


Held Australia Pty Limited was awarded the sole distribution rights to Australia in 2010. Our aim is to bring the best motorcycle apparel in the world to the Australian market place. Held GmbH has 75 years of research & development and has won many awards in Europe as a market leader in design & safety.


Despite being one of the most respected manufacturers of motorcycle clothing and accessories, Held remains a family business. It is made up of passionate bikers & still retains its' headquarters in the same picturesque Alpine town of Burgberg.

The company is owned and run by Edgar and Erhard Held, the sons of the company founder. Their sons and daughter are now part of the 100-strong team based in the family’s home town together with 300 employees involved in manufacturing in Hungary.
Held fashion and accessories are available from over 3,000 dealers throughout Germany, Austria, France, Italy and the UK. The company also supplies importers in other European countries, Asia, South America, the United States & Australia.
The previous 66 years of experience and hard work is incorporated in our current collection which is the most comprehensive on the market. While Held may be German for ‘hero’, we know that it is our customers who are the true heroes.


“Today we are working in the motorcycle clothing industry and have dedicated us long range to produce quality products on the highest level. With our products we want to improve the conditions for motorcycle riders in everyday life and leisure and to support you, to have fun as well as to afford you a maximum protection during your ride. We are widely involved with motorbike racing, because we are able to introduce important knowledge, the race drivers can give us while they claim our materials and workmanship extremely in their racings, in the development of serial models.  For this purpose, we are also looking for co-operation partners, which are material manufactures or suppliers of products with the same quality standards, to complete the Held range suggestive. Thus we want to ensure the motorcyclists and our trading partners around the world the best possible supply of motorcycle accessories from one source.”



A family business located in Lower Bavaria, the Frey brothers have been producing boots there since 1963. In 1973 that took the name ‘Daytona’, and now employ 140 highly-skilled craftsmen who make and assemble their boots by hand. Every year, some 70,000 pairs of boots leave the factory in Eggenfelden.

The Daytona range is characterised by legendary continuity, and new boots are added at longer intervals, because many of the models are in constant demand by the customers, and so remain on offer.


Stable, comfortable, truly waterproof, and almost indestructible, the decades-long reputation enjoyed by Daytona boots is second to none.

Each and every boot is hand-made – even to punching out the leather by hand. And leather is still the main component of a Daytona boot. In all, more than 120 separate parts go into every boot.

Daytona boots (waterproof models) are truly waterproof because each pair is lined with a three- or four-layer Gore-Tex membrane. To ensure the seams are waterproof and remain waterproof, each seam is covered in Gore tape, which is then immediately tested for waterproofness. This tested waterproof membrane is then built into the boot, and sits between the lining and the leather. This is exactly why Daytona boots are different to other boots. The waterproof layers is not treated as a kind of ‘sock’, but is installed as a lining. This allows the membrane to withstand the constant chafing by the foot for much, much longer, and it makes it easier to check during production that the quality is second-to-none. Nothing is spared during production.

Daytona never rests on its laurels. And the best way to improve the boots is to examine the used boots of the customers. And many of its customers send their boots to Daytona, to maybe have the soles replaced after many years of use, or for a damage analysis after an accident. The purchase of a high-quality boot must pay off for the customer, and Daytona boots are now waterproof for more than 60,000km – with some customers getting 100,000km out of them.

There are Daytona boots and then there are other motorcycle boots.



iXS is an international brand of motorcycle gear, by motorcycle fans for motorcycle fans, since 1979. It comes from Switzerland, a country full of mountains and passes, where one can easily encounter four seasons within a week or even a day. The company came of age in these quite extreme conditions, which is why it knows so well which features and functions motorcyclists find most helpful.

iXS only produces cleverly thought-through and best-produced technical products – “Designed and born in Switzerland” – and each of its high-performance pieces of clothing is researched, designed, developed, and tested to ensure it not only meets the highest Swiss quality standards, but is also characterised by a combination of smart functions.

The company continually strives for the best solutions and is always developing unique innovations that motorcyclists truly value. Its motorcycle clothing offers the perfect fit, and its customers are always dressed properly, around the globe and in any weather, any season – from head to toe, with heart and mind.



Since its inception in 1995, Pinlock has grown to become the market leader in fog-resistant solutions and safety products.

Pinlock develops and supplies its high grade fog resistant insert lenses to world renowned motor helmet brands, such as Shoei, Arai, AGV, Bell, Schuberth, and many more. With its massive success in fog-resistant solutions sector, Pinlock has been expanding deeper into the safety products market.

Pinlock’s full frequency reduction earplugs is its most recent safety product, developed by the company’s research and development team. Pinlock believes in the Power of Passion. In everything it does, it’s mission is to enable passionate enthusiasts to safely enjoy their passion to the maximum level.


Helmet visors have been fogging up as long as we have been riding motorbikes. People have tried everything in all those years from soap suds to potatoes, and even spit, but nothing provided a fully fog-free visor under the different conditions a motorbike rider needed to cope with.

Until Derek Arnold, an importer of motorbike helmets, had a flash of inspiration. His idea consisted of applying the double shield principle. An insert made of moisture-absorbing material was secured to the visor with pins, which ensured an air-tight chamber was created. In combination with the very good moisture-absorbing prosperities of the material used, this “Pinlock” system guaranteed a fogged-up visor was definitely a thing of the past. In addition to the high-quality material of the insert, the pins also ensured consumer convenience. The Pinlock pins can be adjusted and, therefore, ensure that the insert can be installed and replaced easily.

It is not difficult to imagine that Pinlock went through an enormous growth period in the years that followed and it brought about a true revolution in the motorbike market.

Herman de Boer was also appointed as Managing Director of Pinlock Systems B.V., as well as Derek Arnold, to ensure this boom could be properly managed and to ensure that Pinlock could develop further as a company.

This professionalisation was partly responsible for Pinlock Systems B.V. setting up a special division to be able to also serve the police and military markets.

Pinlock’s mission is, like its product, transparent and clear: to continue to innovate with new materials and ideas.