Held Women's Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide trust the Held brand for their motorcycle accessories. Held has been creating protective gear since 1946 and continues to make quality products today. Their motorcycle jackets are only made of high-quality materials and will outlast lower-end brands. Each coat is made from top-of-the-line leather that resists fading or ripping. These top-of-the-line jackets also feature a breathable mesh lining for added comfort.

Material and Maintenance

Held coats are made to wear in almost any weather. They will keep you toasty in the winter but remain light and breathable enough for warmer climates. Removable and replaceable jacket linings can also help you feel your best and give you options. No matter where the road takes you, you'll be able to remain comfortable. And, since each coat is made of leather, maintaining your jacket is easy. Wipe away everyday small spills with a paper towel or tissue. Use leather conditioner, and occasionally bring it to a professional for deep cleaning.

Wide Range of Styles

Not only are Held women's motorcycle jackets comfy, but they're also very stylish. You'll look fabulous while riding in Held's sleek, modern designs. Most options come in classic black, but there are other color choices, such as white and gray.

Moreover, Held only uses quality zippers and buttons, so you won't have to worry about them malfunctioning or falling off on the road. Some jackets have brighter zippers offering pops of color that are sure to turn heads. Bold designs are featured on Debbie II,Carese Evo, and Laxy women's jackets.

Need to carry extra items around on your trips? No problem! These coats have multiple pockets for you to safely and securely place your things into. Unlike cheaper brands, Held adds extra security to your pockets, so objects won't fall out of the pockets and get damaged. You're sure to find a style in our collection that suit your tastes and needs.

Safety and Waterproofing

As far as protection goes, Held women's motorcycle jackets have your back! The shoulders, chest, back, and elbows are reinforced with soft protectors that will help prevent scratches and other injuries. The high collar can help seal out wind and make wearing and removing your helmet easier.

Additionally, you're guaranteed a great fit as many items on Held women's coats can be adjusted to your liking. For instance, waist adjustments can help show off your figure while space for your bust remains roomy enough to stay comfy. Also, some jackets resist water and even have waterproof pockets for your cell phone and other valuables. No longer must you fret about getting caught in the rain while riding.

Bottom Line

There's a reason why Held has stayed in business for decades. Their motorcycle products stand as some of the best in the world because they dedicate themselves to excellence. With so many fantastic features and styles, you'll love your new Held jacket! Shop our online store to find the coat of your dreams today.

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