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As avid motorcyclists, we pride ourselves on providing riders with lightweight and protective headgear that doesn't slow them down. If you're a motorcyclist looking for a brand-new helmet to replace your current bulky safeguard, check out our line of open-face helmets at MIG.

Schuberth M1 Helmet

Designed in fashionable Flux Bronze, London Matt Black and Vienna White colorways, the Schubert M1 helmet is the perfect source of head protection fitted with a high-strength outside shell that performs under high pressures and temperatures. It also has comfortable padding inside, and customers can pick from five different tints for their visors.

What separates our helmets from the rest of the competition is the optional innovative SRC-System™ that allows our riders to listen to music, make and take calls, and use navigational platforms.

Schuberth M1 Helmet Pro

Containing all the features of its predecessor, the Schuberth M1 Helmet Pro goes the extra step. It comes with an innovative head ventilation intake that allows our riders' heads to feel cool no matter how scorching hot the temperatures may be.

Customers can choose either the Glossy White or Matte Black helmet. It comes built-in with new and improved microphone and loudspeaker functionalities for the SC1M and SRC M1 communication systems.

Schuberth O1 Jet Helmet

Coming in the more vibrant Chullo Blue, ERA Bronze, Inline Red, and ION Orange, this open-face helmet is perfect for riders who want to make a colorful splash and emulate the vintage looks of jet riders, all while maximizing safety and driving coolness.

The Schuberth O1 Jet Helmet is a light model – the smallest size comes in at 1.1 kg – but packs a punch in terms of head protection thanks to its glass fibre matrix helmet shell and the multi-part construction of the soft inner shell.

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Open-face helmets are much lighter than full-face ones. Therefore, riders experience less fatigue, and since their face is visible, they don't need to remove the helmet when filling up at gas stations. The biggest advantage is that open-face helmets offer a wide range of view, allowing riders to see better.

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