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The Schuberth E1 is a first-rate adventure helmet designed for versatility, functionality, and safety. It's a combination flip-up and dual-sport helmet, offering the protectiveness and sound and wind insulation of full-face headgear with the flexibility and freedom of a moveable chin guard. To cap it off, the E1 incorporates standard features from adventure helmets to maximize off-road performance and all-weather riding.

You'll get the build quality and attention to detail you expect from Schuberth, plus thoughtful design elements like a distortion-proof external shield and a drop-down sun visor to reduce glare.

These helmets are ECE certified, meaning you can use them anywhere in Europe. Safety features include a micro-ratchet fastener, shock-absorbing lining, and a heavy-duty chin strap to prevent your helmet from flying off. The peak is adjustable too, and the fiberglass shell can withstand heavy impacts.

This focus on safety doesn't come at the expense of comfort, however; the E1 is suitable for enduro, touring, and adventure riding, and stays secure and comfortable over long periods both on and off-road.

One of the key aspects of this revolutionary adventure helmet is the removable face shield, letting off-road riders wear goggles if they choose. The E1 also features a top-notch ventilation system, which includes an adjustable chin vent that keeps the shield from fogging and a crown vent that helps circulate air through the helmet. The chin vent has a removable, washable foam filter that keeps off-road dirt out of your mouth and eyes.

The E1 adventure helmet comes in an impressive array of sizes, from XS to XXXL. In addition to being moisture-wicking, the lining is antimicrobial and removable for easy washing. These helmets come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit any style.

Don't waste time deciding between a dual-sports helmet and an adventure helmet. With a Schuberth E1, you get both.

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