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BIKE ME - Tex Wash Review

Bori 19 Feb 2024

CLEANING YOUR FILTH I have a confession to make. I’m one of those blokes who

BIKE ME - Daytona Pilot GTX Ladies Boots Review

Boris 19 Feb 2024

“So this is why you love them…” They are about 80km old here. So still sh

BIKE ME - Held Infinium Skin Under-glove Review

Boris 14 Feb 2024


BIKE ME - Held Score KTC Gloves Review

Boris 14 Feb 2024


BIKE ME - Held Cold Champ Gloves Review

Boris 12 Feb 2024

HELD COLD CHAMP GLOVES – Finally, winter gloves worthy of the name

SAS-TEC Shock Absorbing Systems

SAS-TEC DE 20 Sep 2023

SAS-TEC is an innovative producer of protectors (body armour) with man

Held Material Care

07 Sep 2023

Textile Cleaning Tips Ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your

CE Certification

27 Jul 2023

CE Certification – What it is and what it means CE certification, also known

MAD TV - Andrew Clubb - 2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Initial Impressions

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV 18 Apr 2023

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Initial Impressions | Clubby's World of ADV | Press ri

MotoPG - Held Satu KTC Gloves

Tug McClutchin 17 Feb 2023

I have lots of gloves. Two pairs of race gloves, one from Alpinestars (which are

The 'Full Monty' of rain over-pants - Held Rainblock Zip Pants

Motorcycle News 08 Feb 2023

Andy Strapz and Australian Held importer, Made in Germany have been working toge

Gear up with Held’s winter touring package - Careese II & Torno II

Motorcycle News 07 Feb 2023

Held Carese II Touring Jacket - Article 640 The outer is 500D DuPont Cordura.

BIKE ME - Held Sambia KTC Gloves Review

Boris 23 Jan 2023

As you can see, I have been using these Held summer gloves since early

MOTOPG - Held Crane Stretch Pants

Tug McClutchin 22 Jan 2023

I’ve had a few pairs of riding “jeans” over the years. I’ve never really liked t

MOTOPG - Daytona Ladies Evoque GTX Boots - Review

Tug McClutchin 19 Jan 2023

My better and more intelligent half recently bought herself a new bike

Blind Speed Magoo: World Record Attempt

09 Jan 2023

GEAR ON TEST - Held Backflip gloves

Just Bikes 15 Nov 2022

Earlier this year, I rode Far North Queensland using a set of Held’s Sambia glo

GEAR ON TEST - Held Sambia gloves

Just Bikes 15 Nov 2022

Riding in hot and cold, wet and dry gives you a great chance to really identify

A Motorcycle Touring Jacket With No Equal

Ray 05 Sep 2022

HELD CAMARIS JACKET REVIEW – “Felt the Gore, absorbed the breeze, loved the qual

Why Keeping Your Head Warm on a Motorcycle is Important

Ray 04 Sep 2022

HELD FOR YOUR HEAD – GERMAN WARMTH IS SERIOUS It’s a wonderful Plague-filled