The 'Full Monty' of rain over-pants - Held Rainblock Zip Pants

Author: Motorcycle News  Date Posted:8 February 2023 

Andy Strapz and Australian Held importer, Made in Germany have been working together to create what they reckon are the ducks guts of wet weather pants.

Held made both a full zip through pant but used an ‘old-fashioned’ non-breathable backed fabric and the fabulous Rainblock pant that was constructed of superlight, 2.5 layer stretch and breathable material.

The idea is that the outer layer is water repellent and stretch, the mid layer breathable waterproof and the 0.5, is a coating to stop the pores of the second layer wearing and clogging up with grime and the like.

Made in Germany and Andy Strapz worked together to combine the zip through concept with the fabulous 2.5 layer Rainblock fabric but it fell on deaf ears at Held HQ in Germany.

With a little smooth talking, Held Germany agreed to make the pants exclusively for the Aussie market, plugged the idea into the Held production system and we came up with Rainblock Zip. Eat yer heart out world!

With a small amount of stretch, these breathable, super packable rain pants, zip open down both sides to make getting them on beside the road a snap. Rainblock Zip pack into a tiny bundle and come with a mesh storage bag.

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