Schuberth Helmets for Motorcyclists

Whether you're an avid motorcyclist or just a casual rider, the most important thing to remember when operating these vehicles is to always be equipped with sufficient head protection in case of an accident. A motorcycle crash can be extremely dangerous, especially if the rider's head is not properly protected by a reliable helmet, so it's vital that motorcyclists buy nothing but the absolute best products available to wear during their rides.

German manufacturer Schubert has been producing helmets for motorcyclists for over 70 years, and they have a wide range of different products available that are sure to suit every biker's taste and lifestyle. Their products like the Schuberth C4 Pro, integrated mobile communication systems, and Schuberth Adventure Helmet have satisfied many customers over the years.

But are Schubert products all they're cut out to be? Read on below for detailed descriptions of all of this brand's motorbike helmets and see for yourself how Schubert delivers high-quality protection with every product.

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For ore than 70 years, Schuberth has been at the forefront of protetctive helmets. It has been producing protective helmets of different varieties since the 1940s. From 1954 onwards, it began producing  helmets for motorcyclists.

This was the beginning of a success story which continues today. Countless motor bike helmets have been produced and sold since the foundation of the company. And countless satisfied customers swear by their Schuberth.

Today, Schuberth develops and produces, by hand, its coveted helmets in Magdeburg on the river Elbe.

Its portfolio includes helmets for worker protection, police, fire brigade, Formula 1, and motorcycling.

More than 370 people are employed in the Magdeburg factory. Its engineers constantly come up with new solutions and research is conducted in the in-house wind tunnel. The helmets are constantly tested on the climate rig and in the acoustics laboratory, and are perfected so that your helmet is perfect in every detail.

Many Schuberth helmets come with in-built communications systems, and are still lighter, and more aerodynamic than the other brands. Quality, comfort, fit, ease-of-use, and safety are the foremost considerations of every Schuberth helmet made by hand in Germany.

Schuberth helmets are well known for their high-quality handmade craftsmanship, as well as for the many high-tech features that come built into certain models. Every day the hundreds of brilliant scientists and engineers working in the Magdeburg factory strive to create and perfect new innovations in protective headwear for motorcyclists.

What Sets Schuberth's Products Apart from the Competition?

Apart from the care and passion that goes into making their helmets by hand, and the cutting-edge technological innovations they incorporate into certain models, this brand is also known for the extensive research and intensive testing they perform when developing new products.

The Magdeburg factory is equipped with several features, such as a wind tunnel, climate rig, and acoustics laboratory, that allow engineers to perform realistic tests on each product so that they can be sure they work as intended. With the amount of care and dedication they put into their products, it's no wonder Schuberth has remained in business for so many years.

Schuberth Products

Schuberth offers a wide range of different styles of motorbike helmets to suit the needs of every rider. From the simple comfort of the Schuberth Adventure Helmet to the advanced communication features of the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon, this company truly offers something for everyone. Read on below for descriptions of all of their head protection products.

C4 Pro Carbon

The C4 Carbon Pro motorbike helmet combines the comfort and safety of a simpler model with cutting-edge advanced technological features. Its flip-up style and lightweight carbon-fiber exterior make it easy to wear on long journeys, and the antifog insert lens keeps your vision clear for added safety.

Additionally, this helmet comes with a built-in communication system that allows riders to easily make hands-free phone calls or listen to music while on the road.

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E1 Adventure Helmet

The Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet is the perfect blend of form and function. Many riders want the comfort and practicality of a flip-up visor but are also drawn to the style of an adventure helmet. Luckily, the Schuberth Adventure Helmet offers both.

Not only is the Schuberth E1 comfortable and stylish, but it's also incredibly safe, and it's been through rigorous factory testing to prove it. This model also offers cool airflow and protective visors in a variety of tints and shades.

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M1 Pro

The M1 Pro motorcycle helmet is primarily known for its state-of-the-art ventilation system that keeps riders cool and comfortable on long journeys. The removable visor protects your vision and allows for customization, while the secure chin strap is optimized for maximum security. Plus, it comes with built-in Bluetooth compatibility.

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Communication Systems

While some models of Schuberth motorcycle helmets come with built-in communication systems, they also sell several portable versions that can be inserted into any other form of motorbike headgear. They're easy to install, safe to use, and they allow the rider to access hands-free telecommunications and Bluetooth audio while comfortably operating their vehicle.

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Are Schuberth Products Really Worth It?

The extensive research, rigorous testing, and wealth of positive reviews from satisfied customers should be enough to convince any motorbike enthusiast that Schuberth motorcycle helmets are excellent products that can greatly improve your safety and comfort on the road.

Protect Your Head with the Latest German Motorbike Accessories!

Now that you know all about Schuberth's reputable history of high-quality motorbike helmet production, you just have to decide which model is right for you. Will you choose the Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet for its comfort and style? Or do you prefer the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon for its lighter weight and high-tech features? The choice is up to you.

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