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Author: Tug McClutchin  Date Posted:22 January 2023 

I’ve had a few pairs of riding “jeans” over the years. I’ve never really liked the idea of them to be honest, and have never particularly enjoyed wearing them. I prefer riding in normal jeans, and often do, but I’ll put proper Kevlar jeans on for bigger rides, or if I know the pace will be up a little. I also find they all look like crap once your day’s riding is over and you’re downing some cold ones at the pub. I also detest wearing bulky, ugly bike jeans when I just want to be comfortable and look somewhat respectable, insofar as that is possible for me.

I’ve had some jeans from Draggin which I found uncomfortable, a pair from some other company that I can’t remember, which is probably lucky for them because their product was utter shit, and my last pair was from Rhok, and they were just an abomination. You should avoid these at all costs.

Held glove

They were hot as Hades on a sunny day, thick as a doona, and so stretchy they sagged in the arse and the crotch after being worn a few times. I’m sure they thought making Kevlar jeans super stretchy would make them more comfortable, and in theory that can be true, but these were more like thick, baggy, denim-coloured active wear 3 sizes too big than bike jeans. Plus they had a shitty nylon tag sewn into the inside of the waist-band at the back, which meant if you didn’t tuck your T-shirt in it would scratch you and annoy the hell out of you. And I don’t always want to tuck my T-shirt in, because that’s what old people do. And I’m not quite one of them yet. You’ll notice I tucked my shirt in for these pics, but only so you can see the jeans. The sacrifices I make for my readers are endless. So it was time to bin the Rhok bastardry and get some new ones.

I have now procured myself a pair of Crane Stretch pants from Held, and I am about to tell you what’s wrong with them, because that’s what I do when I review something, as you may have noticed. The answer is, not much. The only thing I could pick on is the sizing is maybe a little small. I needed a 34, and I’m normally around a 35-36 inch waist, so be aware of that when you order some. Helpfully they are quite upfront about this and their website informs you that the sizing runs a little small. It’s certainly not much of an issue though, and makes you feel good about yourself. I enjoyed the idea that I am a 34, even if I know it’s not completely true.

And you should order some though, because they’re very good. They’re the best bike jeans I’ve had, and by a vast margin too. They do have some stretch to them, but it’s enough to make you comfortable in your riding position on the bike, and not so much that you look like a walrus with 37 folds of fat on your thighs when you’re not on the bike.

Held glove

To my eye, they look quite smart when you’re not on the bike, and certainly don’t look like they are specifically “bike jeans”, so I’m quite comfortable leaving them on after a ride for whatever social activities are planned to see out the day. I was embarrassed to be seen in my last pair if I wasn’t on the bike, that’s how ugly they were. This is no longer a problem. I look like Andrea Iannone now, but without the contoured lips.

They are aramid-fibre reinforced in all the places you would expect them to be and have knee protectors in them that you can adjust for position to get them in the right spot for your bendy bits. For me the correct position is in a drawer at home, because that’s even more comfortable, and less bike-jeans looking. Sure, judge me all you like. You wear what you want, and I’ll wear what I want. You can put the knee pads on your nipples for all I care. I’m sure some people do.

I also scored them in grey, or what Held calls Anthracite. Mainly because I already have enough blue denim jeans and felt like a change. I quite like the colour. But you can also get blue or black.

Sorry, I don’t intent to crash test them for you, but assuming they are of a similar quality to everything else made by Held, I can’t imagine you are getting anything less than the best quality money can buy in that department.

They are not thick and bulky, are very comfortable, look good, and I am sure will do their job when the worst befalls you. What’s not to love?

I liked these ones so much I told the supplier I am keeping them. That probably sums up my view of them.

They’re available up to size 40, and cost $275, and I reckon they will last for years. Sounds like good value to me.

*This product was supplied for review by the distributor, which given my habit of pointing out flaws in things, is a brave thing to do.

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